In the wake of the SCOTUS announcement that they have voted 5 to 4 in opposition to section 4 of the Voter Rights Act, Black Twitter is at it again, with civil discontent at it’s best-or worse.

Section 4 in the VRA required states that had a history for prejudicial practices at polling sites to obtain pre-clearance before changing any state laws regarding voter practices (i.e. voter registration, valid I.D. requirements)

In light of the SCOTUS declaration many tweeters took to this social medium to “have it out” in words, again! Utilizing the hashtag #votingtestquestions concious Americans are expressing their concerns about the trivial decision. And this snowball is catching momentum akin to that of last week’s #PaulasBestDishes.

What can we look forward to in the near future? Another social uproar, or are we headed down the road towards reform?

What are your thoughts?

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